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Going away and want to leave the cat at home?
You're in the right place !!

Whilst you are away this Service will provide you with:
  • Kitty remains content in their familiar surroundings
  • daily personal visits of 30 minutes
  • daily cat related clean-up
  • loan of automatic wet & dry food dispensers
    • Can be placed indoors, outside or both
  • loan of CCTV with recordings that you can log into
    • *requires a broadband connection
  • all employees are background checked
  • public liability insured visits which cover:
    • accidental damage to your home contents
    • emergency vet fee
    • theft of Kitty
    • lost or stolen house keys
  • added peace of mind regarding Kitty and your home
  • £30 daily rate for all of the above
  • add-ons by professionals on request
  • GPS tracker available for purchase on request
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If you've read enough then please Get in Touch 
Before you go away I will meet with yourself & Kitty in your home and we'll take the time to discuss your wishes, they can be as simple or complex as you desire.
I will create a portfolio that lists what we've agreed and it will become our contract. To get us going here is what I would like to see on a portfolio for my two cats....

I will be in your home for 30 minutes each day and in that time I'll initially check the overall look of Kitty and your home.
I will do a clean-up of feeding bowls, toilet facilities and the general area so it's all left clean and tidy.
In the remaining time from the 30 minutes I will play with Kitty but if they're not interested then I should do some small jobs around the house that you've indicated are a pain and I should therefore get on with, such as
  1. clean the windows
  2. clean and reorganise some kitchen cupboards

And I will get quotes to paint the fence,get the car serviced,have that big old tree in the garden trimmed right back,decorate the lounge,oversee the builder whilst he works on your new extension.

Please don't be shy about asking for what may sound like an extravagance as you are paying for this service so please, lets make the most of it!!

For instance, you may like Kitty to be outside one day and indoors the next. I could try them on different foods. Bring along fresh cooked chicken/offal/beef as a treat. Read them a bedtime story...well ok, there are limits but I'm sure you get the picture.

 If you're ready to get this ball rolling then please
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